Nigerian prostitution network dismantled in France

In France, the importance of the Nigerian prostitution network goes beyond the Chinese or Eastern European chains. Present throughout Europe, these young women are often attracted to older compatriots, which makes them imagine a better life

In France, Nigerian prostitution is a major phenomenon that has continued to develop for thirty years. Coming from the Edo region and especially from the city of Benin City or neighboring villages, a large number of young people, sometimes underage, are tempted by Europe. Most are Nigerian women like them, “aunts,” “family friends” established on promised land, who offer them school, high-paying jobs, and sometimes even marriages. In that area, they are called productive. Then they turned into former prostitutes who had become pimps and were charged with exploiting their children on the continent.

In the early 2000s, it was estimated that more than 40,000 Nigerians had arrived in Europe. Since then, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), that number has not stopped increasing. In Italy, 80% of prostitutes are now from Nigeria, while their interests in France are higher than those from China or Eastern Europe.

Most young people come from very dangerous ways; are single family heads or mothers who are banned from their community. Others only dream of a better future abroad, a hope that is opposed by almost no migration policies in Nigeria. In fact, producers of prostitution as “certain owners” of the emigration monopoly, which in fact places women who want to emigrate, especially those who go to prostitute themselves in Europe, in a situation of strong dependence.

 Nigerian prostitution network dismantled in France

Afraid of opportunity

The young women are expected to work in Europe to pay their debts, which can amount to 70 thousand euros: an average of 50 thousand for their transportation, which, in fact, they have financed a large portion and generally cost several thousand euros, which is added to an important addition to them and those responsible for their displacement when they arrived in France – food, clothing, lodging and more are also related to abortion procedures in terms of pregnancy. Pimps can still help them get documents – in return, in this case, for a payment of several hundred euros.

Exploration is based on an astonishing mechanism of complexity. Rites practiced before witnesses are the beginning, vectors, and guarantees. It all starts on the night of departure to Europe, when a ceremony brings together a young woman, her family, her neighbor, mistress or mama, who will be responsible for her arrival, and a representative of traditional beliefs, a religious leader of a temple, often associated with the Ayelala cult, mystical ancestor the holy one whose full authority is fully present in the ceremony that takes place.

Paris offers a haven for anyone, including those who crave for an overnight date. Especially with the presence of the Internet, sites like Lovesita are visited by thousands of visitors every day, trying to find women who are suitable for each of them. This is a big business that might adhere to what is called the iceberg phenomenon. Prostitution is as old as human civilization and in Paris, this is more than you think.